Q: How much does it cost to join the EMGA?

A: Yearly dues are $150, plus you must purchase a Patron Card from the Proshop. If you belong to the Saint Andrews Club (SAC), your yearly dues are $125 and your patron card is paid by SAC.


Q: Does it cost extra to be in each tournament?

A: No. The only cost to entering the tournament is the greens fees and cart (riding or pull) if you want one. The prize money comes from your membership dues. Most events will have a separate cash skins game, but that is optional.


Q: How many Tournaments does the EMGA have each year?

A: The EMGA will host 13 events in 2021. The events are a great mix of individual and team based events.


Q: What benefits do I receive with EMGA membership?

A: Membership gets you entry into all EMGA events including all the weekend tournaments. You will receive a GHIN number which is an internet-based handicap update service and includes a USGA recognized official handicap index. Entry into an EMGA event guarantees you a tee time, and the Patron Card gives you the benefit of discounted green fees all the time. Your membership dues include hole-in-one insurance (club events only) and access to the registered user functions of the EMGA website.


Q: Are the events only for golfers with low handicaps?

A: No. The EMGA uses a mix of Gross and Net scoring to allow golfers of all abilities to fairly compete against each other. Your USGA Handicap Index determines where you will be flighted in almost all tournaments.


Q: What are Ringers

Ringers is a season long contest that computes your lowest Gross Score on every hole in every event you play during the EMGA season.  The Scramble and 2 Day Match Play events don’t count in the Ringers calculation.  At the end of the year the top players in each flight receive golf shop gift certificates (Chits).